Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bracelet DIY

Hey guys!
today I'm going to show you how I made this really cool bracelet out of a couple of beads and yarn.
It was sooo easy!

It looks like this:

So, what you'll need is some yarn and beads.
I used small golden beads on a loose thread.

First you have to cut 50" of yarn, find the middle and make a loop(see picture). Then I'd take another (shorter) piece of yarn and put it through the loop and tie it around something heavy so that the bracelet will stay in place while you make it, it'll make the whole process a lot easier!

Now the fun can begin!
step 0: attach the thread -with the beads on it- to the loop
step 1: place a bead in the right spot and take one of the yarn-threads
and put it over the other creating a loop, so it kind of looks like a "q"
step 2-3: then take the end of the same thread and pull it through the loop
step 4: make sure it's tight enough
step 5: then place another bead and repeat!

after you've done that for a while it should look something like this:

You like? I do :)
When you've made a long enough piece so that it fits your hand, sew the ends together or place another bigger bead on one end and then you already have a loop on the other :)

Now you're finished!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

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