Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Waterfall Braid

Hey guys!
I'm going to show you a hairstyle I did this morning, the waterfall braid. It's not very complicated but I had to do this a couple of times before I got it right!

Here is a link to a youtube-video that shows you excactly how to do the braid:

my little sister -whom I love to death- was going to a birthday party and I decided to do the waterfall braid on both sides, connecting them at the back :)

-First, divide your hair evenly into two sections, since you will be doing the braid on both sides.

-Then make three sections on one side of your head.
Make sure not to do this too low.

-Then just braid away! I found it very useful to have her hold the sections I "dropped".

-Then I did the same on the other side of her head but you could just leave it like that.

-Then I took a clear elastic and connected the two braids. I think that if you'd braid from there down, it look really good too!

If you want to curl your hair, I'd recommend
doing so at this point :)
Have fun!


  1. That looks lovely!

  2. So cute! One question,is the braid just a normal one?

  3. How pretty! I´m so going to try this!

  4. thanks! it's quite similar to a "french braid" but it's called a "waterfall braid". I put a link to a "waterfall braid"-video tutorial in the blog post if you're interested :)